About Us

WIZ 79 Design is a full service architectural firm committed to design excellence and the creation of architecture of enduring quality.

The work of the firm includes a wide range of project types, resulting in thousands of square feet of constructed space.

Our approach is a constant shifting from the general to the specific to develop a full perspective and produce a complete solution.

WIZ 79 Design is dedicated to creating design solutions that respond to the environmental, social and aesthetic concerns specific to each client’s purpose.

No two projects are the same; each project brings opportunity and challenge.

As we listen to our clients needs, we foster conservation through sustainable design & construction, cultivate the site-specific requirements into a cohesive response and continue to evolve and expand our 30 years of experience.


  • Programming & Master/Space Planning
  • Interiors & Architecture
  • Site Development & Landscape Design

Selected Works

Many years of service have brought with it a broad range of experience in architecture, interior design, and management.  With this experience of building teams and developing project structures on an individual project basis to meet each clients; needs, I have listed a few of the various types of projects completed over the years.

  • CORPORATE ARCHIVES, McDonald’s Corporation Elk Grove, IL
  • BRIEFING CENTER, MOORE Business Forms & Systems Div Lake Forest, IL
  • TRAINING CENTER, Molex Incorporated Lisle, IL
  • REGIONAL OFFICES, McDonald’s Corporation Multiple regions of the United States
  • REGIONAL SALES OFFICE PLANNING, R.R. Donnelley Cities throughout United States
  • MAINTENANCE GARAGE & OFFICES, First Group/First Student Bedford Park, IL
  • CALL CENTER, R.R.Donnelley Dallas, Texas, and Southfield, Michigan
  • FACILITY EVALUATION, Freeman Decorating Company Chicago, IL
  • PRIVATE RESIDENCE, Laupahoehoe, Hawaii County, Hawaii


Working within the existing physical constraints of a building or space can uncover opportunities. Reusing and regenerating a space allows for the preservation of unique characteristics from its previous use. Aspects emerging from the local vernacular or of historical significance can assist with implementing a cohesive overall design. Â The skillful interplay between a new program requirement and a seasoned site or space can expose references and display insightful connections, instilling a sense of relevance and permanence.


Buildings reside within the fabric of the land. By understanding that buildings are not isolated elements but intertwined with the site, with the landscape including the broader environment which changes over time, then a narrow scope can shift to a broader lens. We can impact the character of a place, provide diversity, and lay the fabric for interest, interaction and exploration if we utilize and organize the landscape in ways which can anticipate and embrace change.

Human factors, or ergonomics, have provided increased comfort and productivity through the development of physical tools and psychological strategies.


People need opportunity to fuel their motivation. Successful organizations value the performance of their people. People are the company’s tool to productivity and thus the peoples comfort and well-being in the work place will be a top priority for successful organizations. Collaboration and creative activities can support this performance. Other elements such as air quality, access to daylight, noise control, color, ergonomics, choice, and engagement need consideration in designing the workplace. The workplace design can then provide people with the ability to meet the opportunities that are presented.


Ms. Wisniewski is principal of WIZ 79 Design. She began firm 2004 after 15 years as associate principal of Mantus Associates, Inc. in Chicago. She has been immersed in the architectural profession for over three decades and works directly with our clients, while organizing and leading the design teams.

See her Curriculum Vitae here and visit her LinkedIn profile here.